>My first Noni Bag!

> It had never even occurred to me to knit and felt a bag, although of course I have seen thousands of them on my travels. Then I saw the Noni Nomad Bag with the ridiculously cool Jul Explorer Collection handles, and my destiny was set before me. Here’s my recipe: 7 skeins Stonehenge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool in Baby Blue, a little bit of random handspun to “grey it up” a bit, the Jul Amazon Rubber Explorer Handle, a matching zipper, and turquoise silk Noni Pockets. The knitting was easy and fairly fast, although this is a big mama of a bag. Two strands of worsted weight plus a little laceweight handspun on US size 11 needles makes for some satisfying TV knitting. I actually felted test swatches, and realized that there was little danger of overfelting, so that was all pretty straightforward also. Then I had to dust off some sewing skills. It had really been a while (15 years? since the wedding dress?) and I was not graceful with the needle and thread until the end of the zipper and sewing down the handle tabs. Then I got a little crazy and went to the bead/button/sequin stash and started adding the bling, as you can see. I hope it doesn’t look too “bedazzled.” Now I have a use for all of my wool stash. And bead stash. And my button stash is not as great as I thought. Will have to do something about that.

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