>I’ve been reading a fair number of TNNA recap posts. At first I thought I would do a big newsletter for my LYS customers to share what is new with all of my creative partners, and what yarns, fibers and colors I am most excited about as a rep and as a knitter/beginning spinner. But that seems really hard. And I tend to put off really hard tasks, until it is way too late. So my new plan is to do a maneageable blog post for each of the vendors. First I will need a nap. So, for now I will just say that this is the only picture I took at TNNA. It is blurry, but is actually a good representation of what the world looked like to me that Friday night. My joke is that next year I will do a TIPS session on “How to Drink Red Wine For Free All Night.” I am excellent at that. Hey, look…isn’t that Stacey W. from Knit One? Oh, and unlike most of the great bloggers who were at the show, I have still never tasted Jeni’s Ice Cream.


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