>HPKY Scarf In a Scarf Kit

> I got an email this morning from Rex and Bjorn from Hand Painted Knitting Yarns, or HPKY. In addition to their very popular Giant Skeins, we offer this Scarf In a Scarf Kit, which retails for around $60. It is 4 hanks of 60/40 merino wool/silk 2 ply which has been hand painted with a 100% silk scarf. The pattern (included) could not be easier, so these are perfect for the beginning knitter or for anyone to whip up some quick gifts.

Here is my sample earlier this spring with my lilacs. Well, technically, they are my neighbors’ lilacs, but they are hanging over the fence, so these few branches are “mine.” Funny how my sense of ownership works. You can thread the scarf through the eyelet holes down the middle of the scarf, or wrap around the sides. People who are great with scarves can probably come up with many ways to wear this piece.

Here is one of my favorite “stylings.” I love the jewel tones of this colorway.

And now there are “light-to-dark,” in one color, versions. So pretty! Or go with wild multicolored handpaints. Either way, the silk scarf will be dyed to match. LYSO’s, the best way to introduce these in your shop is to order a case of 20, tell your customers that they will be unveiled on a certain day and time, and then keep them under a sheet until then. Have a drumroll or some sparkling wine and “Voila!” pull the sheet off and watch your customers dive in. These are selling like crack.


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