>Jul Silver part 1


Jul Silver is one of my tremendous creative partners. I really had never been inspired to make a felted bag before, until I fell in love with this handle (the Amazon Explorer) and the Noni Nomad bag pattern. Now I can’t wait to do more bags!

All of the leather handles are designed by Laura Bellows of Jul, and HAND MADE by the DESIGNER in her Savage, MD studio. Only the highest quality leather is used. this one is called the Big Sexy Handle. The 2.5″ steel rings give a very “rock-and-roll” look. These are hot and come in 24″ or 30″ lengths.

This is the Earth Explorer Hinged handle. I can’t imagine using a lower-quality handle to finish a piece I have made. I have gotten so many compliments on my first bag. I have also seen cheaper handles in shops. They are usually really thin leather wrapped around a fabric core. I have seen them crack when touched. What would happen when you actually use the bag?

You may not have seen the different colored leather for the handles. This is the Botanical Explorer handle. The rivets are cool looking and make the handle very sturdy. You can also rivet right through your knitted bag to attach the handle. Jul offers a home riveting kit, or knitters have told me that they take their bags to a shoe repair person who can attach the handles for them.

Here is the handle that started it all for me. If you own a LYS, please let me know if you would like to see the collection in person. If you make a sample bag for the shop, your customers can special order their handles. Why not do a felted bag class? Felted bags are only “over” if you let them be over. Take a look at the Noni Fall collection with the Jul handles and you can see how current and sophisticated knot felted bags can be. It is a great way to sell patterns, yarn, and bag hardware (handles, decorative items, and don’t forget the bag feet–see above–to extend the life of the bag) which come in a wide range of prices.

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