>Hiya Hiya Needles and Accessories


The needle and notions line that I am lucky enough to represent is Hiya Hiya. Especially hot the last year have been the Interchangeable Circular Needle sets. They come in Small (US size 2-8 tips) and now the long-awaited Large (size 9-15.) You can have 4″ or 5″ tips, and the sets come with this pretty and handy case, with 4 cables to give you 16″, 24″, 32″, and 40″ needles. You can also order additional cables (there is a 60″) and extra tips. I own 2 sets of the small. They are my needles of choice, and I loved them before I started selling them. They are light, have a smooth join, and a super-flexible cord.
Of course, Hiya Hiya also offer regular steel and bamboo circs and dpns, as well as crochet hooks. They go down to the very wee 6-0 in both the steel circulars and double points! How about US size 10.75? Check. Several of my retail partners have taken the needles for a test-drive and have liked them so well they have decided to replace their incumbent needles. Their customers are happy with the value–high quality steel circular needles in the $8-11 range? Pretty cool. If you own a shop in my area, let me know your favorite size and I will get some in your hands so you can see for yourself.

When I show the Hiya Hiya line to LYS owners, I end up saying “cute” several times. And it is a line that contains a lot of cuteness. The Puppy Snips. The yarn ball stitch markers in a Dumpling Case. The Small Project Bags or Sock Sets. Load up on these items for fall and holiday. They are irresistible. And why not save some money on Locking ring stitch markers, cable needles, stitch holders, and point protectors? Your customers will appreciate the great value for the price, and will have more money left over to buy yarn!


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