>My First Rhinebeck

>What a great weekend! I was invited by some local knitting friends to go along for the ride to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Since I had been planning on attending as a civilian anyway, this worked out great. Unfortunately, I did not take too many pictures, and the ones I have, such as they are, are on my phone, which is out of juice.

Here are some highlights of my Virgin Rhinebeck experience:
Beautiful scenery for the drive–both ways. Lots of laughs with Steven, Lisa, and Kelly in the car. Great soundtrack.
Steven A (http://bitchesgetstitches.wordpress.com/) and I made a pact NOT to buy a fleece. I did, however, get a free merino/lincoln fleece from my mom. The long-awaited “Pedro Fleece.” It is a very pretty brown color. I am hoping for some hot dry weather soon so I can process it outside. I also have a black Romney Bond fleece from Castle Farms Fiber Fest that I have not touched yet, and a few pounds of washed, but not carded Romney from MDSW. Hence the No New Fleeces rule.
I got to see my mom and brother Dave yesterday morning for a few hours. It was nice to walk the festival with them. It was such a gorgeous day, and Dave seemed in good spirits and enjoyed the frisbee dog and herding demos. I had to leave around 12:30 yesterday, but I think the two of them stayed to take in the rest of the show.
I went 3 times to look at and spin on the Pocket Wheel. http://www.pocket-wheel.com/ I am kind of in love with its ingenious design and the uniqueness factor. I am attracted to things that not too many people have. But do I really need another wheel? I bring my Majacraft Suzie Pro on trips already, as she is quite portable. But a 6 lb wheel that I could lift with one finger or put in a small tote bag? Hmmm…*IF* I put a deposit down, I could have a nice cherry wood Pocket Wheel in about 6 months. I probably would not get the Woolee Winder right away. I liked the people who recently bought the company from the original designer, and it is a pretty good price for a cute little wheel. I will think about it for one more day and ask a couple of my trusted fiber advisors.
Speaking of spinning goddesses, I had a few impromptu spinning lessons this weekend. I have only been shown what to do on my wheel once, by my spinning hero Beth Smith from Spinning Loft in Howell MI. Besides that, I have just been conducting solo experiments, with the occasional youtube video or reference book consultation. I learn from doing, though, and I got a couple quick hands-on pointers that may just change my life by allowing me to make cuter yarn.
The Ravelry meet-up on Saturday and party on Saturday night were really fun. It is so cool to meet other fiber enthusiasts. I am so grateful to be a part of this funny little yarn world. And it’s my job!
My Hampton Cardigan in Mountain Meadow Wool 2 ply sport turned out nice. I loved the comments and compliments I got from random knitters and friends. It is so much more gratifying to wear your handknits to a fiber festival than in real life. And the chilly weather made the whole event a fashion show worthy of the ages.
I kept my spending under control. Besides meals (the lamb kabobs were excellent,) I only bought a bottle of NY dry table wine, 4 oz SW merino roving from Fiber Optic in Coffee #9 (browns so rich it looks like it should smell like really good coffee,) 4 oz SW BFL and 8 oz targhee from Spirit Trail, a lovely hand-turned nostepinne, and I think that’s it, not counting the possible wheel purchase. Lucky for me, these are all work-related expenses.
Liked the llama and alpaca parade, saw cute farm guys, saw a lot of semi-famous knitting personalities and designers. None of them know who I am, but because Steven A is on a lot of people’s radar because of his blog and his hotpants, I glommed on and at least got to stand near them and say hi. We also saw Uma Thurman going in to the fest when we were leaving Saturday afternoon. She looked beautiful even with no makeup. Steven got a picture of her backside, but we were too shy to say anything.
That’s all I can remember for now. I will upload my few pictures soon.

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