Visit to Connecticut

Really?  August 3 is the last time I blogged?  How lame.  Not that I’ve been crafting the perfect blog post in my head either.

I have been doing some things, and some of them have been blog-worthy.  I can’t seem to remember all of the worthy.  Did I take pictures?  Not of everything.  So, I’ve emailed myself a bunch of photos from my phone and other device, and I will throw something together, just to get things going again.  It will probably be better to make multiple posts, than one super long one about unrelated stuff.  Then I will vow to take a lot of pictures at my next exciting event and put it in my calendar to blog about it.  We’ll see if that works.  I’m never one to take a lot of pictures on vacation or anything.  I figure I’d rather fully experience what’s going on and that hopefully some memories will survive in my brain on their own.  But a lot of my stuff now really benefits from the show, not just the tell.  So I need to get better at recording what I am seeing.

In early mid September, I went to see my best friend Julie.

Julie has a good house for "Doing Nothing."

This is Julie's "backyard."

We went to high school together and she is still in the small group of folks who really “get” me.  It was nice to talk and hang out, but one of the things I enjoyed the most was watching the Fiddler Crabs come out of their holes and eat at low tide (sorry, no pictures of this.)  I even saw a crab fight.  Julie is really good at photography, and she also takes a lot of pictures when something cool is going on, like when we went up to my Mom’s farm one beautiful day.

We saw my sister Rach,

with fabulous hair.  I was jealous that mine looked too long, I have since cut it a couple times.

And my Mom, also with fabulous hair.

Getting some Rooney love.

It was nice to see my Mom’s sheep.

They all came over to the fence to greet us.  I swear, it had nothing to do with my Mom offering them candy.

I didn't even know sheep liked Hot Tamales.

My Boston Terrier, Rooney, was quite interested in them, and they in her, apparently.  I don’t think they knew she was a dog.

I might be a Therapy Dog, but you really look delicious.

I knew it!

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

"I just wanted to taste the wool a little bit."

Rooney thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

My brother was there in the beginning, but he had to go to work.  Too bad for him, he could not be a part of all this glamour.

It was a really nice day!  Stay tuned for more posts, and there will be some yarn action soon, too!


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