My 2011 Rhinebeck Adventure


This little guy was so cute, and seemed a manageable size for my Pittsburgh city lot.

My 2nd annual pilrimage to Rhinebeck was thouroughly enjoyable.  I saw friends, including Steven, Yvonne, Laura, Anne Beckie, and Susan Jess, and I made some new friends, some of whom qualify for “Awesome Famous Knitter” designation.

My only yarn purchase...80/10/10 SW Merino, Cashmere, Nylon sock yarn from Into the Whirled, in the Ritual colorway--Yum!

I bought cool stuff–just a few things–I’ll make sure to get more glamour shots later.

Brunch, Day 1, repeated on Day 2

This was my first Scorpion Bowl, shared with Steven. We didn't finish it since it was so sweet, and didn't contain much hooch, after all.

I ate delicious food.  We want to Yobo right near our hotel, in kind-of-far-away Newburgh.  Pretty good local places for bagels and pizza in and around Rhinebeck.  I also ate a few nice lamb dishes at the festival, tasted and bought cheese, and I summoned up the courage to try the hottest hot sauce ever from Wild Coyote Sauces, yogurt smoothie antidote at the ready.  I did not buy that one to take home, but got the next one down the spice insanity scale.  Buggy has been putting it on everything.

Can't remember if these were Pygora or just regular Mohair goats, but I wanted a couple. Much nicer than dairy goats, from what the farm-man said.

I saw sheep and goats, and even took more pictures than usual.

And there were lemurs!  I love lemurs.

And a baby kangaroo, which I had never seen before.  I also love things I have never seen before.

The fleece show will really take it out of you, won't it Yoda?

And I saw Yoda.  I love Yoda.  And I’d never seen him in person before.  He looked tired, although still in complete unity with The Force.

I hung out and did fibery things with a group of incredibly talented, impressively smart people at an amazing rented house.  I was part of Steven’s photo essay “Nips With Steven.”  ART.  He does not edit photos, unfortunately.  His shots are all good, but I could do without some of the realism.  My hair is fine (okay, fabulous!) but the belly…

Best Rhinebeck Sweater:  This by Misa Erder.

I had to come back the next day. I *had* to!

Great branding and packaging (although you can't really get a sense of the colors through the plastic.)

Most irresistable booth:  For me anyway.  There were long lines and crowds at the Usual Suspects, but I fell in love with the colors at Into the Whirled.  Kim told us to go there, and she always knows what’s cool.

Good thing this was hung up out of my reach, is all I'm sayin'.

Best Sample:  In the Fiber Optic booth.  Steven said she dyed and handspun the fiber, then knitted this.  Are you kidding me?

Fuzzy Sheep Butts.

And, I did not buy a fleece.  I even gave some of mine away.  Can’t wait for wool festival season to come around again!

See you next year at Rhinebeck!



5 thoughts on “My 2011 Rhinebeck Adventure

  1. Andrea, It was such a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for the award and kind (okay,so kind is an understatement, between you and Steven I can barely fit my big ‘ole noggin through the studio door) words, I look forward to speaking with you in the future!!

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