Spring Comes to my Corner of the World

This week I’m in balmy Maryland, where daffodils are already blooming in force, and it has been sunny and 60 degrees–great walking weather, and my dog friend, Sweety and I are enjoying it.

Plus, there are these little guys

This morning we (well, I) saw a bald eagle flying right overhead.  The first one I’ve ever seen–it was so cool!–but a little smaller than I expected.

Last week I crossed Ohio a couple times, and in northwestern Indiana I saw some signs of the approaching spring, seems like a little earlier this year than the last couple, and noticeable even at 65 mph.  Here they are…

Pairs of Sandhill Cranes in farmers’ fields.  Two years ago, when I saw them for the first time, I thought they must be aliens, and then as I got closer, I wondered why that farmer had two emus on the farm.  Then I  looked them up and realized they were cranes.  Now I look for them.

Ducks and Canada Geese just chilling in small ponds, pairing up and getting ready to nest?

On the side of many highways and county roads, hawks, and feral cats.  My theory is that they are taking advantage of the movement of rodents who have been displaced by early season tilling of fields.  I saw 3 black cats in 30 minutes of driving, and a pile of red tailed hawks.

Also on the side of the road, several coyote, unfortunately dead.  I am not sure if they hibernate or are just thinking about mating, but they are really bad at crossing the road.  Ditto for the poor, stinky, smashed skunks all over the place.

Tinged red and gold twigs on treetops, getting ready to bud.

High winds but not too cold (not under 40 degrees) tells me these are springy winds, although there still might be some wintry storms coming through.

A wee bit of green in lawns and some fields.  At home I have two yellow crocus and some other green shoots.  I’ll have to make time to walk around the yard when I’m home, so I don’t miss everything.  Another sure sign is Rooney spending more time outside in the warmest parts of the yard!


2 thoughts on “Spring Comes to my Corner of the World

  1. I’m sure the bald eagle only seemed small ’cause it was so far away. I saw one in winter perched on a dead (unfortunate) deer on the side of the road. It was at eye level to me (in the passenger seat) and seemed quite large. Perspective, I guess.

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