Who is the YarnSuperhero?

I am rediscovering the creative side of life in an alternative career–in the needlearts industry.  Who knew, when I was a briefcase-toting corporate type, that a couple years later I would be trying to make it work as an independent Yarn Manufacturer’s representative, and that I would even have some published knitwear designs?!  I am very experimental in my approach to work now and I have fun every day.


4 thoughts on “Who is the YarnSuperhero?

  1. Good for you! I am on a similar path. I am the Fearless Felter, and am about to launch my website. I write felted bag patterns, do custom orders and teach classes at a few stores in my area. It has been a blast creating this little community that feeds my creative side unlike the corporate world. I hope you are well and succeeding. I have used both Louet and Shaeffer yarns and like them both. If you are ever in Bucks County, PA let me know!


  2. I am enthralled by the beautiful shawl attributed to FiberOptic but can find no name, no pattern. Can you help?–it truly is magnificent and I’m sure the colors have a lot to do with it but the stitches look unusual and may be fun to knit.

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