My Creative Partners–companies I represent

Here is the list of my vendors–I prefer the term Creative Partners, just as my LYS customers are my Retail Partners.  Please call me at 412-303-4409 or email me at andrea at yarnsuperhero dot com if you are a retailer and would like to know more about any of these lines.  I don’t have all of these companies in all areas of the country, so if you know you have another rep, please continue to work with her, and if you are not sure, I will at least point you in the right direction.

Jul Designs–Handmade in the US or fair trade from Indonesia, the Jul line encompasses buttons, shawl pins and other accessories, as well as the highest quality bag handles available anywhere. Knitting pattern support for revolutionary reconceptualizations of garment closures.  Low minimum order.

Mountain Meadow Wool–US sourced and cottage spun organic Mountain Merino and blends.  Natural undyed cream and grey, or kettle dyed, plant dyed, handpainted multicolors.  Also felt, roving, and housewares made from the clean wool leftovers available.  Wool has “trace back” to the producing ranch and ranchers receive 10% of the retail price to help sustain their business and the wide open spaces of Wyoming.  Very springy, bouncy Yarn with a capital Y.

Yarn Hollow–A wonderful indie dyer from Western Michigan.  I am seriously addicted to her spinning fiber.  Wide variety of fibers for yarn, roving, and combed top.  Great price point, big yardage, complex and sophisticated palette.

Unicorn Fibre Products–Fibre Wash, Rinse, and Power Scour cover all of your fiber cleaning needs from scouring a raw fleece to setting twist in a finished skein of handspun, to blocking your garment.  Other household uses, and a little goes a very long way.

Our Back 40–Finest grade, cashmere quality (and feel!) alpaca from small US farms, and milled in Alabama. All the natural colors and some harmoniously dyed hues. Free pattern support from well-known designers. A luxury product resulting from a virtuous circle of domestic fair trade.



2 thoughts on “My Creative Partners–companies I represent

  1. Exactly which yarns were used in the gorgeous range wrap, large size? That charcoal grey is spectacular!

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